Employment Services include:

1. Job search and retention– I do job searching via internet (online applications, Emails, etc..), Business to Business networking (In person application method) newspapers/newsletters. I also help my clients retain their employment by offering assistance coaching/counseling them according to their needs.

2. Job Coaching- Observing the individual on the job and evaluating day to day progress as well as assisting the individual  with developing new ideas to complete a task more effectively. The client will have a full report with the progress they made, as well as problem areas. One on one training will be provided as well as working on a team.

3. On site Job training- This is where a team of individuals come together, each assigned a different task, to gain new skills, to further their experience. Individuals will be evaluated weekly to measure the progress they have made. Individuals will be each be given an assignment for a given time length and will be expected to complete their assignment before moving on to the next. This challenge will give individuals insight on what to expect at a typical job setting. One on one training will also be provided by the job coach. After the individual has proven he or she is ready, job searching begins and they will be placed into a fitting position.

4. Job ready training Seminars- With my combined expertise and knowledge, I offer individuals seminars to  prepare them for stepping into the work force. Some examples of a job ready seminar includes; Interview prep, which will educate on all bases of interviewing. The client will gain expertise by having mock interviews, education on dressing appropriately for interviews, as well as the proper questions to ask the interview. I will also discuss interview etiquette.

5. Resume/Interview workshops-  Another service provided is resume and interview workshops. These workshops include; designing cover letters, resumes and references, mock interviews and  how to mail/E-mail a resume and cover letter to employers.


Counties I cover:

Arenac/Bay County

Clare County

Gratiot County

Isabella County

Midland County

Saginaw County


Fee Schedule: Available upon request